Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt is a premium natural frozen yogurt brand with a signature yogurt taste founded in 2018 in the United Kingdom. Yogoo! provides a range of high-quality low-fat frozen yogurt products and experiences through a growing international network of outlets all over the world. At Yogoo! we are passionate about educating people about the benefits of eating frozen yogurt and why frozen yogurt is better than ice cream. Here are a few reasons why Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt is not to be missed: • Yogoo! is a much healthier alternative to ice cream - it contains probiotics and live bacteria which is good for health • Yogoo! is made daily fresh every two to three hours unlike ice creams which can stay in a freezer for months • Yogoo! contains 3 times less sugar (approx. 12g of sugar/100g) compared with ice cream which has 35g of sugar per 100g of ready product • Yogoo! is low on calories (approx. 120Cal/100g of product) • Yogoo! is a low fat product (approx. 1.2g of fat/100g product We are striving to create a frozen yogurt culture internationally where we are actively working towards making people all over the world familiar with the benefits of frozen yogurt.

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