Top tips for the school holidays

The weather’s getting warmer, evenings are lighter and the school term is almost over. That can only mean one thing... school holidays are coming!

Summer Content

Six weeks of a school-free zone can be challenging for everyone – that’s around 42 days of keeping the kids entertained, which can mean a costly summer.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to keep your children of all ages happy before the new term in September, we’ve found some fantastic items, toys and miracle products that might just be able to help, all available at your local Mall.

And here’s a few ideas for you too...

  1. Get together your friends and their children and host a mini Olympics! Everyone can bring a garden game and join in the fun.
  2. Make your own bowling alley. Fill empty bottles with water and food colouring and have a go at bowling.
  3. Build a tent – all you need it some sheets, tables, chairs and whatever else you can find indoors!
  4. Create a nature treasure hunt. With the kids, make a list of different animals, bugs, trees, flowers and anything else that you might find outdoors, then  head to your local park.
  5. Get creative in the kitchen. Why not let the kids help with dinner, bake bread or create their very own recipes to taste test on everyone.
  6. Dig out your recycling, bring out the paints and see what can be designed!
  7. Plant some vegetables, fruit or herbs – your youngsters will love learning about their growth and it should keep them entertained for a few minutes each day.

And most importantly.. have fun! Make the most of all weathers, environments and places. Happy exploring!