New Year, New You!

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2015? Is it your year to go travelling or perhaps shape yourself up for summer?

Whatever you’re planning on doing this year; make it a good one! Here are our top new year’s resolutions, and some great products from The Mall to make it happen. Make sure you stick to them!

Be happy!
Smile more! Whether it’s something small to remind you of all the goodness in your life, or simply telling someone they look great today – make it your mission to smile every day!

Take time for you
A small pampering session or a good book, make sure you give yourself as much attention as anyone else.

Lead a healthier lifestyle
Get fit, eat well, be happy! Perhaps join the local gym or enjoy a walk in the great outdoors. Why not try creating some tasty healthy dishes too?

Treat yourself & others
That new dress you want? Buy it! Someone’s birthday coming up? Spoil them!

Keep a diary
At the end of 2015, read back through it to think “What a great year I’ve had!”

Make your house a home
Brighten up your house with your favourite items and accessories so you’ll simply love coming home whenever you’re away.