Wardrobe Revamp

We all get fed up with our old clothes, but it’s now time to spruce up your wardrobe! Drag out the dresses you haven’t worn in a while and dust them off. By adding new accessories to a dress, you can create a whole new outfit, making these old items as good as new!

Here are a few tips on how to spruce up an old dress:

  1. Take a scarf or belt and tighten up an old dress. Tighter waists make you look slimmer, looser garments add weight.
  2. Use a scarf to accentuate the neck of your outfit. Use this chance to add a dash of colour.
  3. Mix fabrics.
  4. You could even dye old clothes to make them feel new.

By putting a little effort into dressing up your old wardrobe, you will want to pat yourself on the back for getting a whole new wardrobe for little to no money.