Exclusive to The Fragrance Shop

Following on from the amazingly successful Cashmere Mist, Donna Karan has unveiled Liquid Cashmere Black and Liquid Cashmere White, two new premium scents available exclusively on the high street at The Fragrance Shop.

Liquid Cashmere 630X460

Donna Karan says: “I’ve always designed like I live – according to emotion. Sometimes it’s about owning the moment and dressing for seduction. Feeling alluring, sensual, a bit mysterious. Other times you want to feel open and empowered. A fresh new start. I’m as comfortable in a black cashmere tailored suit and high heels as I am a white cashmere dress and bare sandals. One woman, two completely different looks.

Now the fragrances allow us to dress the feeling. Liquid Cashmere Black is the sunset, the night setting over the city, shifting the mood to one of chic sophistication. Liquid Cashmere White reminds me of a sunrise: a big smile of possibility you feel as you greet a new day. Both are a part of me: emotional, transformative, feminine. It’s not either/or, it’s an “and.” I love each mood and expression and all it represents. Because life, like fashion, isn’t Black or White, it’s both – depending on the woman who wears it.”

  • Liquid Cashmere Black

    Liquid Cashmere Black

    Dark. Alluring. Tantalizing, with notes of ripe Black Cherry, rich Patchouli and smooth Praline - a seduction about to unfold. Exposing the passion of a woman.

    Available here
  • Liquid Cashmere White

    Liquid Cashmere White

    Renewing. Airy. Radiant, with notes of sparkling Bergamot, sensual Osmanthus, and creamy Vanilla and musk - alive with freedom of movement. Illuminating the spirit of a woman.

    Available here