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Friendship starts with loving, loyal hearts that beat eternally. This season, jewellery echoes this tender sentiment and honours inspirational guiding stars with dazzling symbols of appreciation, affection and uniqueness that make personal style truly personal.

Preautumn Content

Always There

A dangle is not just a dangle; it is a beautiful token of friendship. Sweet hearts in sterling silver and pink enamel, inscribed with “Best Friends” and “Always There” can be worn as one on a necklace or a bracelet, or shared between friends.

BFF Tribute

Sparkling with hearts and “BFF” engravings is a badge of devotion – a double dangle – for best friends forever to split and share; styled with twinkling infinity-inspired jewellery to extend the expression.

Shining Stars

Unique friendship constellations shine brightly on bracelets. Symbolising cherished confidantes and their personalities, vintage-inspired Starsigns feature stylised illustrations, engravings and a sky full of openwork stars.

Symbolic Style

Showcasing the symbolic code of friendship with a hint of sparkling pink cubic zirkonia is the Love & Friendship charm, styled with equally stunning Infinity Heart clips and a Forever Friends dangle, all in sterling silver and cubic zirkonia.