Introducing the Duffin!

It's inside our Muffin Lab where dreams are realised. Our Master Muffin Makers experiment with the most decedent ingredients to bring to you tasty muffin creations. Here flavours and textures are mismatched, mixed and baked to perfection. These muffins push more boundaries than most muffin trays can handle and what results are creations like no other - expect the unexpected. Head into store today and try this month's latest experiment.

The Duffin 630X460

Our first Muffin Lab creation for 2016 is The Duffin!

The Duffin is a clever and delicious mix between a muffin and a donut. It is filled with a hazelnut and chocolate spread and finished off with a dusting of cinnamon sugar, served warm.

The Duffin retails at £2.20 and is available for a limited time only until 8th February.