A new car parking system has launched at The Mall Luton

We recently launched our new parking system with REEF. It is based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) which provides a better customer experience and enables additional ways to make payment.

content image.png

Guests can still pay at the pay-stations located near to car park exits, or there are also the options to pay via their mobile or sign up for AutoPay and just drive in and out for a frictionless experience, without the need to visit the pay stations.

How does it work:

Drive into one of our car parks, the ANPR will read your number plate and let you in
Park and go shopping
Pay through one of the options available (see below)
Drive out.

Have the costs change?

No the costs have remained the same.

How do I pay?

There are a number of options:

Pay at a pay station
Pay via your mobile, visit here and use the location ID 5050
Sign up for AutoPay here - this is the most convenient way to pay, especially if you visit us frequently!