New face mask recycling bins

The Mall has installed four new recycling bins for used PPE. Head to the exits on Atrium, Bute Street, Feast Street or by the Ask Me Point to throw away your used masks, visors and gloves.

bins being used.png

Once filled these will be taken to the dedicated recycling centre where it goes into a ‘lockdown’ for a minimum of 72 hours. After this it is then sorted, pre-shredded, washed and shredded again.

They are shredded into 5mm pieces to be blended with other plastics to make up the core of the boards. The mix is then taken to the board mill where it is pressed and heated into a durable sheet. This recycled board can go on to become something new.

#ReclaimTheMask is a recycling initiative by ReWorked created to reduce plastic pollution caused by COVID-19 disposable masks and gloves.