New range of vegan hair products at The Body Shop

The Body Shop has five new and improved haircare routines for all hair needs. All are made with Vegan Silk Protein, a 100% plant-based protein, and 90% of ingredients are of natural origin. They also are packaged in 100% recycled plastics.

Is your hair oily?

Try the new Tea Tree haircare which helps purify and balance oily hair and scalps. Get fresh and clean locks for longer.

Tea Tree purifying & balancing shampoo 250ml £7.50

Tea Tree purifying & balancing conditioner 250ml £7.50

(COMING SOON) Tea Tree purifying & balancing hair & scalp scrub 240ml £15


Want your hair to have a healthier feel?

Try new Morninga haircare to get healthier-feeling, shiner hair and help protect it from daily pollution.

Moringa shine & protection shampoo 250ml £7.50

Moringa shine & protection conditioner 250ml £7.50

Moringa shine & protection hair mist 100ml £10


Is your hair dry and flaky?

Try Ginger haircare, made with ginger essential oil, white willow, birch bark extracts and Vegan Silk Protein it helps to clear flakes and sooth dry and itchy scalps.

Ginger anti-dandruff shampoo 250ml/400ml £7.50/£10

Ginger scalp care conditioner 250ml/400ml £7.50/£10

Ginger scalp serum 50ml £15


Is your Frizzy hair driving you mad?

Try Banana haircare to leave your hair looking smoother and less frizzy.

Banana truly nourishing shampoo 250ml £7

Banana truly nourishing conditioner 250ml £7

(COMING SOON) Banana truly nourishing hair mask 240ml £12


Do you have damaged hair that’s prone to breakage?

Try Shea haircare and replenish your dry locks with moisture so it feels healthier, more manageable and intensely nourished.

Shea intense repair shampoo 250ml £7

Shea intense repair conditioner 250ml £7

(COMING SOON) Shea intense repair hair mask 240ml £12


Head down to The Body Shop to check out their new ranges.