Level Trust brand new postcast 🎧

13th Sep - 31st Jan

We've released the fourth episode of our Luton Life podcast, highlighting some of the amazing community movements in Luton. 

In this latest episode, host Sophie Sulehria speaks to Level Trust, a charity based here at The Mall which aims to help families overcome the costs of education so all children in Luton have an equal chance to love learning. 

As part of the podcast, Sophie speaks to representatives from Level Trust, including the charity's Chief Executive Jane Malcolm. 

The charity supports nearly 5,000 children and families across the town every year, helping children learn by providing the necessary resources. Level Trust also closely works alongside schools in Luton to help educate the next generation.

Nearly 50% of Luton children live in relative poverty, meaning the majority of children in the town are coming from some sort of disadvantage. This alarming figure has risen 3% since the pandemic! In context, that's nearly 30, 000 children living with relative poverty with 60% less than the average income! 

Listen to our latest podcast to find out how Level Trust helps local families overcome the difficulties facing school breakfasts, lunches, transport to and from school alongside educational and school uniform requirements. 

🎧 Listen here: 

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