The Mall's Community Chest

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we are launching a summer of community support and activities at The Mall.

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The Mall, since opening in 1972, has been a huge advocate of supporting community living in Luton and we have continued to work closely with local charities, community groups, organisations and schools to provide invaluable resources to those in need. This is why we have launched the 'Community Chest'.

Starting on 1st June and ending in October we are inviting local charities, clubs and causes to apply to our Community Chest to receive a portion of a £2,022 monthly birthday fund.

The fund has been organised to recognise and assist the great work groups do in supporting the local area.

Local organisations and charities in Luton, Dunstable, and the surrounding areas will be able to send in applications to request a portion of the monthly fund worth £2,022. On the application they will need to detail how they will use their requested sum and why it will have a positive impact on their community. At the end of each month the chosen causes will be announced on social media and all entries will refresh for the following month.

The application form is available as a PDF here or word document here.   

Terms and conditions can be found here.