Our First Community Spotlight is - The Big Cat Sanctuary

We are delighted to announce our brand new Maidstone Community Spotlight, focusing on life within the Maidstone community. There will be a number of charities and organisation surrounding everyday life in the town, finding out about those within the community who make others’ lives easier, safer and happier.

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The Big Cat Sanctuary - “Protection is our Passion”

Providing a future for some of the most beautiful and endangered cats on the planet. These include African lions, Sumatran tigers, Jaguars, Amur leopards and Snow leopards; we are located in the heart of the Smarden countryside.  They currently are looking after an around 40, cats spanning 14 different species, nine of those are classified as at risk by the IUCN red list (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature – who regulate the classification of endangered species). 

The Big Cat Sanctuary does not operate as a conventional zoo but by way of personal big cat experiences, although they do operate under a zoo license.  These experiences include tours, ranger days, a selection of different photographic workshops, overnight stays in our luxury lodges and adoptions. This is the main source of funding and aids the day-to-day running costs of the site. The reason for this is simply to ensure their cats reside in tranquil surroundings and remain content, successful breeding and arrival of cubs is a testament to this theory.

Check out this adorable video of their rare black Jaguar cub 


The Big Cat Sanctuary is a registered animal charity whose aim is to contribute to global conservation, their four pillars of ethos are welfare, breeding, education and conservation.  The key issues for cats around the globe are that they are victims of habitat loss and degradation as well as conflicts with humans and the illegal wildlife trade.  

When guests visit the Sanctuary they learn about their work and what is being done to save what are some of the most iconic yet endangered species on planet.  The Sanctuary also hosts Annual Open Days where the gates open to the public, not just for people to see the incredible cats, but also to give an opportunity to get an insight into the global conservation work being done from the site in Kent.

To learn more and buy an open ticket for the open day visit www.thebigcatsanctuary.org.

The Big Cat Sanctuary also have lots of Learning Resources check them out here