Sustainability at The Mall

Our commitment to sustainability at The Mall Maidstone is to reduce our impact on the environment in the three key areas of waste, water and energy.

The EnviroMall initiative is the first partnership accreditation scheme developed specifically for shopping centres and aims to assist them and their retailers to improve their performance and reduce their impact on the environment.

The Mall:

  • Since 2018, We have Mall save 794 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from going to Landfill, this is equivalent to the weight of 158 African Elephants
  • Since 2018, we have reduced our electricity usage by 876,454.9 kw/h. That’s the equivalent of powering 322 UK homes for a year.
  • Since 2019, We have sent over 8 tonnes of food waste to Anaerobic Digestion which has saved 16,295lb CO2 gases as greenhouse gases
  • Since 2019, The Mall has recycled over 444 tonnes of cardboard the equivalent to 7548 trees . If the bales were stacked vertically they would be higher than

Our retailers who also take sustainability seriously:

  • Wilko – They have committed to ensuring a minimum 30% recycled content across its plastic packaging by April 2022.
  • The Perfume Shop – Have you heard about their empty perfume Bottle Recycle Scheme? Don't bin them! Take them to one of their stores and they will recycle them for you. Taking recycling to the next level they have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) to help give back to our planet. Eden plant trees in locations around the world. For every bottle recycled with them, they will donate the cost of planting one tree to Eden Reforestation Projects, to help them carry out their amazing work and help you feel good when you smell good.
  • New Look – They became one of the first global fashion retailers in the world to achieve both the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and UN Climate Neutral Now Participation. This means that they are now officially net zero carbon for all their direct operations.


In addition, we continue to focus on reducing our carbon footprint. By committing to making a change at a local level, we can aim to build a better world for us all.