Be Good, Feel Good with The Works

The New Year is the perfect time to set a goal, reflect or even try or learn something new!  So whether you already know what you are looking to achieve or need a bit of inspiration, your best bet is to head down to The Works. 

They have the perfect buys, here are our favourites:

  • Veganuary - Bosh on a budget

This is the perfect book for not only trying out the vegan diet but also to help save those extra pounds if like us you overspent in December  

  • Health Eating - Pinch of Nom

This is great if you overindulged over the festive period and need to reassess your eating habits and it still taste great.  Plus, there are loads of different Pinch of Noms to choose from!

  • Health Mind – Reflections by Holly Willoughby

This book boosts it will start conversations and ultimately, help you on your way to feeling beautiful, confident, complete. 

  • Exercise for all levels - Yoga for Inflexible People

This book breaks down yoga postures into beginner, intermediate and advanced stages.  Most people find that practising yoga makes them flexible, improves their strength, mobility, and sleep but also decreased injuries, stress and anxiety.  Total win win 😊   

  • Around Transformation - The Furious Method by Tyson Fury

Advice from the man himself, from fighting a deep depression, to his amazing return to heavyweight champion of the world.  Tyson shares his inspiring advice and tips on diet, exercise regime.  Including his incredible journey back to a healthier body and mind.


If you would like to explore the different books before you decide, visit The Work online here