Are you doing Veganuary?

Vegan breakfast ideas

1 Oatmeal with plant milk and topped with seeds, nuts and fruit.
2 Toast and vegan butter or peanut butter, avocado, slice tomato or dairy-free cheese.
3 Full English breakfast – made with vegan sausages and bacon, hash browns, tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans.

Vegan lunch ideas

1 Soup and a roll – homemade or shop bought.
2 Pasta salad or a hot pasta dish.
3 Jacket potato with salad or dairy-free cheese, baked beans or chilli.
1 Spaghetti Bolognese – made with lentils or soya mince.
2 Steak and chips – yes, steak! You can get vegan steak now.
3 Bangers and mash – with fresh vegetables, gravy and mustard.