How to clean vegan shoes by ShoeZone

Cleaning vegan shoes is just as important for improving the longevity of your animal-friendly kicks as shoes made from more traditional materials. Find out how to clean vegan shoes with Shoe Zone.

Ethical clothing is booming in popularity and shoes are no different. Materials like faux suede and faux leather are making shoe design a little more environmentally friendly. Keeping your shoes in tip-top shape will help your favourite pair last as long as possible. Though some vegan footwear is made from materials that require slightly different cleaning techniques to regular shoes, the fundamentals are still the same.

To help head on over to ShoeZone blog they detail how to clean the following types: 

  • How to clean recycled plastic shoes
  • Cleaning cork shoes
  • How to clean vegan leather shoes
  • Cotton shoes and how to clean them
  • Cleaning Microsuede shoes
  • How to clean Pinatex shoes

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