The Entertainer Welcomes Katsuma


Katsuma the feisty Moshi Monster is coming to The Entertainer store in the Mall Sat 14th March.

So get your self ready and check outthiese cool fact about the most adopted Mushi monster

  1. Katsuma's most popular colour scheme is white with black stripes.
  2. The name Katsuma is a cross between a Cat and a Satsuma.
  3. Katsumas are sometimes mistaken for a rabbit because of their ears.
  4. Katsuma's speak "Katsumanese" in a "squishy" voice which changes pitch depending on its mood.
  5. When Katsuma's level up they dance and somersault to music.
  6. When they lose a multiplayer match in the Puzzle Palace, they will tear up and start to cry.
  7. Katsumas are the only monsters who can gain weight. If you feed a huge amount of food to a Katsuma it will start to choke and froth. After that it will gain weight and eventually become sleepy, but it will be back to normal.
  8. Katsuma is one of the two monsters to have a Mosh 'n' Chat toy, along with Poppet.
  9. Katsumas are also one of the two monsters that's face appears on Moshi slippers, the other pair of slippers available is also Poppet.
  10. Katsumas are also one of two monsters that have beanies. The second is Poppet.
  11. The Katsuma in the Moshi Monsters and the Fizzbangs plays the bass.
  12. In April 2013, Katsuma got a new look, so did all the other Monsters.