Spring kitchen essentials

Spring is here! And with that comes the warmer weather and of course.. the beginning of Bank Holidays!

Extra days off are always a great time to re-decorate and brighten up your home for the new season, so why not update your home this year?

You don’t have to get out the builder and paint brush to make a big differences – new small appliances and finishing touches are a great way to create a new look.

We’re starting on the kitchen this season – here’s a pick of our favourite items available at your local Mall.

Our top tips for brightening up your kitchen:
1. Give your cupboards and doors a good clean! A good wash down will take off all the dirt and dust you might not be able to see. The sun will be bouncing off them!
2. Tile stickers! Without hammers and chisels, changing your tiles can be difficult. Grab some tile stickers from your local DIY store and you’ll be done in less than half an hour.
3. A new clock – a little change that will make a big difference.
4. A new tablecloth for your dining table. Go for a nice bright colour fit for Spring.
5. Empty those cupboards and put electrical that aren’t used everyday away. Making your kitchen clutter free will make it look much bigger.